Anri Jaeger

Guild Master of the Taskers


Before forming the Taskers, Anri was a headsman, hunting down criminals and beasts. His success rate is unmatched to this day, and gained true fame after taking down a cult of Talona bent on releasing a plague into the royal city.

Anri was granted a boon from King Ulric and with it formed the Taskers, a guild focused on not only headhunting, but the daily odd jobs of the local population. Despite some mercenaries and bounty hunters balked at the idea of a guild, its ranks soon swelled with those wanting to learn under Anri and do good deeds.

In the times of Lionheart, because of the success of the Taskers there is a guild house in every city, and a guild connection in almost every town. The Taskers have largely replaced the help wanted board and independent contractors have been pushed out further and further into the more wild and uncivilized areas.

Anri currently lives in his hometown of Breton and oversees the recruitment of new members in addition to his other responsibilities. Anri’s experienced and steely-eyed gaze can immediately size up a hopeful member and judge his worthiness.

Anri is currently missing after leaving Breton at the request of King Lionheart himself. It is a secret held only by those in the Breton guild-house that Elzor trusts

Anri Jaeger

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