Master of Jobs


Normally the Master of Jobs would be the highest ranking member of the Taskers in any location, Anri’s presence in Breton means that Elzor is second-in-command. And this suits him just fine. As a veteran wizard, there is hardly a spell that Elzor doesn’t know, and if he doesn’t know it then it is likely written down in one of the many spellbooks that populate his room. Despite this, a wizards work is never done and Elzor devotes most of his free time to the never ending study of magic.

His role of Master of Jobs means he is the primary contact of guild members looking for work, trying to find the right job for the right person.

Elzor is a kindly, if not eccentric, sort and would be more than willing to help someone on a job with a bit of divination is they are humble enough to ask.


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