Felix Tel

The Appraiser


Felix Tel is the poster of your first job.

He is an appraiser for the city of Breton. When someone dies with or without a will, or when a criminal is stripped of their belongings it is the job of the appraiser to evaluate the cost of the individual goods. Felix specializes in housing and furniture.

Appraiser is a naturally corrupt profession, but Felix seems honest enough. Whatever trouble he has gotten himself into is unknown, but he seems scared.

When the party first met Felix, they found him trapped in his attic. Apparently he had found a genie’s lamp and made a wish that the genie had twisted against him. He tasked the party with locating the genie and the lamp so he could reverse his wish.

After finding the genie and returning to Felix’s home, they found that the home had been broken into and Brann, Felix’s butler, murdered. While initially hesitant due to threats against his own life, Felix eventually revealed that Brann had been attacked by figures wearing brown robes that concealed heavy armor. The party decided to help Felix once again; this time to ensure that whoever made these threats wouldn’t ever make good on them.

Last the party heard of Felix he had somehow managed to craft a wish that solved all his problems, including bringing his butler Brann back from the dead. He showed his gratitude towards the party with a modest gift of gold and a magical robe.

Felix Tel

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