Jef the Ogre

Cook, Rat King?


Jef is a friendly, but dim witted ogre found deep into the ancient tunnels lying under Breton.

Little is known about Jef, as he is the only one who knows who he got there and what he does, and his limited vocabulary prevents him from explaining concepts any more complicated than “cook” and counting higher than “two”.

From a rather lengthy and difficult conversation with the party, they were able to glean that Jef had been brought into the tunnels by “Man” in order to “Cook” “Soup”, which appears to be little more than stirring a cauldron filled with a mysterious glowing liquid. He was eager to share the concoction with members of the party, but reluctant to leave the soup or even move the cauldron.

Jef appeared to have a keen sense of smell typical of most ogres, but his apparent confusing of Gene with “Man” puts that into question. Regardless Jef entrusted Gene with a sample of the soup in a glass bottle saying “You. See. Man. Give.”

While the party was able to avoid direct conflict with the ogre, it appeared that by the three bodies and literal mountains of bones that many creatures were not so lucky, including a city guard, a Tasker, and an oddly dressed man that Jef indicated was the old Rat King, with himself taking up the moniker.

The party left Jef in peace with his rat friends, and was even so kind to gift him the body of a grick and a dark mantle tentacle. Jef found the tentacle delicious

Jef is still the tunnels under Breton, tending the soup

Jef the Ogre

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