King Lionheart

The Mysterious Ruler


With the sudden death of the young King Guilliman in year 694, King Lionheart was rapidly announced as the new monarch.

With no public coronation, the new King made a precedent of never being seen in public. Speeches and decrees were made by advisers, the traditional King’s/Queen’s Day hearing of grievances was cancelled, and no goodwill trips to the other races are planned. To someone outside the royal court the only image of Kings Lionheart is on the face of coins.

This has led to rumors to be formed around the belief that King Lionheart is a fictional leader. Some suggest that he is a creation of the advisers hungry for the powers the King has, others think he is some monster or otherworldly that as silently taken over the court.

Gossip aside, the rule of King Lionheart has been by-and-large fair. Decrees have been traditional when tradition is what the people want, and progressive when the people call for change. Despite never leaving the royal court, the Kings seems to have a uncanny way of knowing what will make his subjects happy.

King Lionheart

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