Loopmottin "Loopy" Glent


Loopmottin was actually born Loopellius Mottern the IV, a member of Gnome royalty. Raised almost exclusively by a wise old servant named Glentun Borrus, Loopy was the heir to the Mottern gnome empire which ruled over the Quietten Forrest. Peaceful even by Gnome standards, the Mottern were proud of their daughter who showed a special affinity for all things gnome, particularly illusory magics. With a quick wit and a rich imagination, Loopy and Glentun were often followed by a host of imaginary characters, created by Loopy. EVERYTHING CHANGED WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED. No one is quite sure who they were, but in the dead of night a group of assassins murdered Loopy’s family, burned down the palace, and framed Glentun. Ever since then, Loopy has been out for revenge and to prove Glentun innocent.

At least that’s what she tells people.

In reality, Loopy never knew her parents, and grew up as a sort of adopted daughter to well shoed Glent Bors, a street performer and master thief. Glent was the head of a band of “street performers” (read: thieves) called “Glent’s Gregarious Galoshes & Co.” The Triple G’s were famous throughout [insert land name] for being quite the entertaining show; although they were disliked by the authorities, since they tended to leave towns far roudier and suspiciously poorer than when they arrived. Some key members of the Triple G’s, aside from Loopy of course, were: Ouchmai Finkersoff, an eight fingered halfling known for his knife tricks and an orphan like Loopy, Giddaeup Horsae, a Half-elf with a propensity for husbandry and the number two of the group, and Jargormor the Tavern-Slayer, rumored to be the only orc who’d ever smiled. Loopy herself was quite the attraction, as her innate illusion abilities were often the main attraction, although Glent refused to bill her as such.

Life amongst the Triple G’s was always exciting, although Loopy probably remembers it as a better time than it actually was. Loopy still thinks of Glent as a Robin Hood figure. Sure, the Triple G’s robbed plenty of people, but as Glent said “If they have something worth robbing, they must be people who deserve to be robbed.”

That was where the Triple G’s truly made their living: Thievery. Glent made special use of Loopy and Ouchmai, since their small stature made it possible to pull off more daring capers. Once, after crawling under a gate and scaling a wall, Loopy fooled a duke into thinking that his palace was haunted, causing him to hide in a closet in terror. Meanwhile, Ouchmai picked a few locks, found a few chests, and… “forcibly invested the excess capital,” as Giddaeup says.

Glent took a special interest in Loopy, making her his thievery protege. He taught her how to pick any lock, cut any purse, and spot an easy mark from a mile away. “Always be thieving” was his motto, and Loopy is still always on look out for a loose purse to cut.

Once, in [insert port town name here] Loopy thought she saw a pair of gnomes that looked suspiciously familiar. They say Loopy too, and started to shout and point. The area was quite crowded and before they could reach her, Jargormor threw Loopy over his shoulder and ran. Later, when Loopy asked him about it, Jargormor merely shook his head and gestured at Glent. Glent explained to Loopy that these two were sorcerous slave traders, who used their powers of Changing to metamorphosize into a familiar looking individual, then trick their target into trusting them. They would then ensorcel him or her and sell that poor soul off for profit. This was the first inkling that Loopy had that Glent was hiding something from her.

When Loopy was 19, her life fell apart. Loopy, Ouchmai, and Glent broke into a house and proceeded to try and rob the place. When they reached the main bedroom however, Glent told Loopy and Ouchmai to go to a different part of the house. Ouchmai scurried downstairs, however Loopy was curious and climbed to the roof where she was able to peer into the room. There she saw Glent engaged in a heated argument with a dwarf and a human. Suddenly, the dwarf knocked Glent aside and stabbed the human in the stomach. He then beat Glent unconscious, in the process losing his hand. He reached down to retrieve it, paused, then whipped around and stared right at Loopy. Loopy fled and return to the Triple G’s, shaken and scared. Upon telling Giddaeup, he quickly packed up camp and ordered they moved out. Loopy tried to argue with him, wanting to wait for Ouchmai or go back and get Glent, but Giddaeup wouldn’t hear of it, and tied Loopy to a barrel in one of the carriages and set off.

Big mistake, there has never been a knot Loopy couldn’t untie. She rushed back to the town, but when she got to the house, the whole place was in flames, and surrounded by soldiers. She did however manage to find a healthy, if slightly singed Ouchmai, who didn’t understand what had happened, or where everyone had went. Later they learned that Glent had been placed in prison for life for three counts of murder and arson. Loopy and Ouchmai tried to break him out, but that only resulted in another lost finger for Ouchmai and they barely managed to escape imprisonment themselves. Ouchmai decided to try and find the Triple G’s, but Loopy had other plans and decided to track down the one handed dwarf, although she is unsure whether her intentions are for vengeance or justice. The whole experience has led her to mistrust dwarves unless they can prove that they indeed have two hands.

She has spent these last 10 years travelling and surviving using her skills as a thief and a performer. As she approaches adulthood, she has begun to have strange dreams about a tall hooded woman who whispers inaudibly to her, and often awakes to find that she has been creating illusions in her sleep. Loopy once paid a small boy to watch her as she slept, and he told her that she had been creating large illusions of the moon.

As Loopy has neared adulthood, she has found that her “infatuations” tend to come more frequently and last longer. When she was a small child, these “crushes” were mere passing fancies, a distraction in a new or different town. Now, Loopy sees love as a battlefield, and each new love is a campaign of lust and infatuation; a campaign she must win. It has been quite the distraction.
Her newer, more turbulent life has taught her that everyone values something. Since going out on her own, she often find travel difficult because she has simply accrued too many items she thinks might be valuable. However, she does have a knack for finding just the right item for just the right buyer, although she often embellishes a bit on the price. She will also drop everything if she thinks the score is big enough.

She had been staying in a small room packed with my various accouterments in Bromley Crag west of Breton, but she wasn’t exactly paying. Also it wasn’t exactly a room, or even hers. Inspired by one of her various cons with the Triple G’s, Loopy had been staying in the attic of a large house, which she had tricked the residents into believing was haunted. One night in the attic, she heard a noble visitor speak of a powerful ring in his possession, and, noting the ring on his finger, decided that she must have it. Before she could get her affairs in order, the noble left, and she tailed him, abandoning her attic possessions. Once inside Breton, she managed to pass herself off as a servant girl and swiped the ring from his hand.

In reality, the Ring is a magic peanut butter ring. Whenever someone licks it, they receive the taste and the caloric equivalent of a spoonful of peanut butter in his or her mouth. This is all that the ring does, but Loopy is convinced that it has some hidden power (it does not). The noble barely noticed that the ring is missing, and doesn’t particularly care, but because Loopy thinks that it is very powerful, she is also very worried about the noble’s wrath. The Nobles name is Washing Ton-Carver.

Secret History: sorceror parent gnomes which king plot point didnt want joining his enemy, enemy plot point, so he paid the triple gs to kidnap their kid. The sorceror gnome parents are really good people, best buddies with moon goddess Seluenor, wouldn’t have fought anyways, but before they could communicate that with king plot point, enemy plot point had already killed him. The tripple gs flee, fearing retribution, and sorceror gnome parents spend their lives looking for loopy (real name Sehanieor Moon Whisperer). Enemy plot point also looking for her because they want to control sorceror parents. Loopy has special moon connection which she could have trained for but she didnt know about so now she just accidentally is starting to connect to it. One handed dwarf is paid hitman by enemy plot point, sent to destroy triple g and take loopy for enemy plot points own nefarious purposes. Enemy plot point knows loopy as a potentially powerful enchantresss

Loopmottin "Loopy" Glent

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