Captain of the Breton Guard


As Captain of the Guard, it is Conrads job to ensure that the laws of the Breton are being enforced and that criminals are brought to justice.

His “guilty until proven innocent” mindset caused the party to spend a night in jail as he tried to sort out the mess that occurred at the Church of Kalameet. He was ready to punish the party of the death of citizens who died during the brawl, but a convincing story Loopy made him reconsider.

Between him, Elzor, and the party a deal was struck: the party would bring Conrad the head of the mythical Rat King and the alleged crimes would be forgiven.

When the party returned with a body of a man and several goblin heads, he had many more questions than the party could answer. The body was identified as Samuel Black, a known forger and confidence man that had disappeared before the myth of the rat king began.

Unhappy that the party didn’t make a map of the tunnels under Breton and that they allowed Jef the Ogre to live, Conrad had to be convinced that the group had actually done what was asked of them. Conrad relented and dropped all charges against the party, commenting that the tunnels will have to be revisited at some point and proper job will have to be done.

The party was unable to live up to Conrad’s impossible standards, but still recognizes that the city guard isn’t able to handle all the problems in Breton and the party and the Takser’s Guild provide a vital role in the stability of the region.


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