Partyon Partypeople


Partyon is seven feet tall, and 280 pounds of solid muscle. He is a deep sapphire blue and carries himself full of ponderous confidence. He knows that he can beat you in a fight, but hopes that it does not come to that. He comes from an austere, monastic clan. He has two parallel, vertical scars from his forehead down to his left cheek over his eye where a giant weasel raked him with its claws when he was young.


Partyon never knew his parents, which is not to say he is special. No one ever knew his parents. Abandoned as a pup at the door of the Ng Mui monastery, Partyon was raised by the monks that called the austere compound home. The only things he inherited from whoever left him are his thirst for adventure, and a small cube with every side painted a different color.

The Ng Mui monastery was nestled into an out-of-the-way inlet on the southern shores of the vast Fae Lake. The monks that lived there were governed by a council of five elders who served to lead their acolytes through whatever trials the years presented.

More than just guides, the elders also served as teachers. They taught the monks (and their occasional visitors) the humble philosophy that had produced some of the land’s best thinkers and advisors. The elders philosophical teachings were hardly what made their monastery famous, however. That high esteem was born from their legendary kung fu, passed down for countless generations.

For as long as he could remember, Partyon has lived his life to be the perfect vessel for his teachings. Inside of the sparring ring his skill was almost prodigious, but outside he had never been in a fight — save for one scrap when he stumbled on a giant weasel guarding her litter.

Not even on the darkest night in Ng Mui history did Partyon fight. He was still too young to make a difference in the slaughter.

The tragedy began when one of the five elders, a great master named Bak Mei, grew tired of the rules and restrictions put on the monks. Bak Mei gathered the most corruptible students at the monastery and waited. As the elders grew old and complacent, Bak Mei and his disciples stayed at their physical peaks. Then, one night while the the other elders were deep in meditation, Bak Mei and his followers seized their opportunity.

Partyon was only nine years old when Bak Mei deserted. He was asleep while the masters were being slaughtered. He rolled over and let out a whimper when the temple was razed to the ground. He woke up and the only world he had ever known was in ruins around him.

In the days after the tragedy, Partyon and the other remaining survivors buried their dead and began rebuilding the temple. But despite their best efforts, their reputation was gone forever.

When Bak Mei left, he and his disciples opened a new martial arts school on the western edge of Boardeleux. There they began to take on new students, eventually sculpting them into a mercenary band. Designed to be a crueler, more discreet version of the legendary Taskers Guild, Bak Mei’s School of the White Lotus quickly grew in notoriety and power throughout the King’s Land.

Pitting his might against friends and teachers in the sparring ring was a sort of primal fun for Partyon. As he got older his skill continued to grow and grow, while those around him seemed to plateau. After long years cloistered inside the walls of the monastery, his excuse to see the world finally came.

On the tenth anniversary of Bak Mei’s desertion, a messenger arrived at the door of the monastery. Partyon never saw the letter that the messenger came with, but that note changed his life forever.

As an act of goodwill to the subjects of King Lionheart, the School of the White Lotus would be holding a martial arts tournament in three years time. All of the best fighters in the land were invited to come and show off their skills. Preliminary tests would be put forth to gain entry, and to curb out the rats not worthy of the glory competing, but exact specifics would be given out as the time got closer.

Partyon had never seen the elders make a decision so quickly. The next day he was given what little gold the monastery had to offer and told that the monks had nothing left to teach him. He was to explore the world, serve the citizens and become the most powerful fighter he could be. Then, in three years time, he was to be the Ng Mui monastery’s champion restore the honor stolen from them by the treacherous Bak Mei.

Directionless for the first time in his life, Partyon wandered listlessly until he found himself outside of the walls of the city of Breton. The few stories he heard of the struggles in the outside world always seemed to be solved by the Taskers Guild, so what better place to begin his adventure than the city where they were founded?

Partyon Partypeople

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