Raen Garuch

Sorcerer kind of extraordinaire


Raen is an approximately 6’0 half elf. He has Longish hair tied back in a short pony tail. Two parralel scars run down his right cheek from the top stopping just above his chin. Purple eyes which occasionally flash like lightning. No beard to speak of. Wears pants and a tunic as well as a long black cloak with a hood. Anything else youd want to


The first thing people tend to notice about Raen are his eyes. Purple and constantly flashing as if by lightning they make quite the spectacle. At least, that’s what he constantly tells himself.
Raen was born to a human mother and elf father in a large forest. While his mother was in labor unbeknownst to his parents two sorcerers engaged in an enormous magical duel within 10 miles of where his parents were traveling. When Raen was born his eyes seemed to flash like lightning and he quickly showed an aptitude for the magical arts although he thoroughly disdained studying them. His father did not approve of Raen’s powers and informed his mother shortly after his birth that he would be returning to his own people. In anger Raen resolved to avoid his father and the “stuffy elves in their smelly forests” whenever possible. Raen’s mother eager to get him and his tendency to light things on fire out of the house suggested he take a visit to the city. While their a friendly man got Raen very drunk in a tavern. Raen then woke up on the “Lusty Maid” serving as cabin boy and translator. A month later his ship was attacked by a pirate vessel the “Orcish Blight” a pirate ship crewed by orcs. Sensing an opportunity for adventure Raen communicated through sign language that he desired to join the crew. Luckily a crew member had seen him casting a spell and convinced the captain that having a “magic man” would benefit them. Raen sailed with them for a few years and then parted on good terms with both the captain and crew. He has a taste for adventure now and hopes to find it in breton. Armed with a spear taken from the pirate captain Chull and his lucky green stone he is eager to travel.

Raen seeks to find out why he has his powers. No one has yet been able to explain to him why he can cast spells without study or preparation like a wizard. He also seeks to prove his father wrong by being not heroic but rather very notable.

Raen Garuch

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