The Rat King



According to the Captain of the Breton Guard, The Rat King is a criminal kingpin, coordinating all of the criminal activity in Breton from the ancient tunnels found under the city. While the Captain is certain that he exists, he has very little evidence that 1) he exists 2) that he has anything to do with criminal activity and 3) he lives in the tunnels. All he has is a series of failed excursions into the tunnels by both the city guard and the Tasker’s.

The party was tasked with finding and eliminating the Rat King in exchange for their freedom. They had already managed to find a key the opens the metal gate that separates the cities attempted sewer system and the Lair of The Rat King.

The party found who they believed to be the Rat King deep in the tunnels. Following a difficult conversation with Jef the Ogre, they determined that the Rat King had been killed by Jef shortly after he was placed in the tunnels.

When the body was shown to Captain Conrad, it was identified as Samuel Black, a forger and confidence man. Samuel was clever enough for Conrad to think he could be the head of a criminal organization.

_If Jef is to belived the Rat King is dead. What sort of criminal activity Samuel was up to is unknown. Jef the Ogre now holds the title of Rat King _

The Rat King

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