Washing Ton-Carver


Son of Reginald Carver and Clara Ton, Washing Ton-Carver is a young noble and new player in the lucrative Breton grain storage and distribution industry.

The gnome Loopy was the first member of the party to meet Washing, stealing a ring from him before either of them entered the city of Breton. Unbeknownst to Loopy the ring was a heirloom that belonged to Washing’s mother Clara. It was the arrival of Clara’s vengeful spirit in the old granaries that caused Washing to reach out to the Tasker’s Guild.

The party was unaware of which noble hired them initially, but documents found in the granary pointed to Washing as the owner, as discovery that would have been a warning had Loopy not forgotten her past interaction with the man.

Washing did eventually arrive, only to find the party defeated by the spirit of Clara, with only Gene conscious to explain what happened. If Washing had any sympathy for the party it was swiftly eradicated once he discovered his mother’s ring on Loopy, a large amount of gold stolen from his safe, and the loss of three workers to Clara as she reappeared when they attempted to rescue the party from the grain silo.

Washing’s aggressive and cruel side was revealed to the party when they fully awoke. They were already en route to the burial tomb of Clara, bound and watched carefully by Washing’s bodyguards. Washing blackmailed the group into forfeiting their contract payment in exchange for their good names remaining intact and revealed information regarding his family that he hoped might prove useful.

According to Washing, Clara and his father Reginald were not happily married. Reginald only married her in order to gain access to the properties held by her father, Rance Ton. When Rance died, Reginald seized control of the Ton families grain business and the massive amounts of revenue that it produced. Clara’s bitterness of losing out on a chance for a happy life turned to anger when she discovered that she was to be killed after she bore Reginald a son. She poisoned her husband and spirited the baby Washing east, hoping that she would be able to live in peace.

But it was not to be. Reginald had plans that were put into place in the event of his death. Washing was taken from Clara and raised to be a ruthless business man like his father through an expensive education and letters that Reginald penned to Washing. Clara was taken back to Breton one last time, to be locked into a grain silo and left to die. It was her death that bound her spirit to the silo, and there it remained even after her body was moved to the Ton family tomb outside of Bromely Grag.

When the party was able to successfully send the spirit of Clara to a peaceful rest, Washing was there to give them a ride back to the city. He admitted that while he was raised in his father’s image, after seeing what such callousness can cause, he has no wish to follow in his footsteps. The money that would have gone to the party was instead given to the families of those who lost their lives to the spirit and promised that he will do all that he can to improve the city.

While Washing was impressed that the party was able to complete the contract, he was disappointed that they sunk to petty thievery to further line their pockets. He also has not forgiven Loopy for the theft of his mother’s ring, even though it was instrumental in the completion of the contract

Washing Ton-Carver

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