In The Days of King Lionheart

Raen "Professional Undead Buster"

That time Loopy's thievery was useful

Waking up was a surprise by itself. Waking up in a carriage with three men glowering at me was something I could have lived without. Engaging in conversation with the one who clearly the leader I learned his name was Washing-ton Carver and his mother was the banshee we were hunting. He was very angry with us since the banshee had killed a few of his workers. O and also we had taken money from his safe. (Gene is a big tattletale) In return for him not tattling to Elzor we agreed to return with him to his mother’s family tomb and take care of the banshee by burning the body. We also learned that Loopy’s klepto tendencies were helpful as she was in possession of the item tying the Banshee’s soul to our reality.

After arriving in the nearby town of Bromley Grag ( what kind of name is that even), we arrived at some steps leading downwards. About ten feet down carved into rock were two huge doors. Carver explained that many generations of his relatives were buried in it and that it was dwarven work. He also said that treasure may be in the tomb but if we touched it then we would have bigger problems. Finally he decided he would hold Gene hostage against our good behavior. Really I think he just wanted to get us murdered but humans have been pretty crazy so far. Must just be me and other half humans that are not.

Anyways we walked into the tomb and I tripped into a pile of bones which led skeletons to attack us. Using my extensive arcane training (shooting chromatic orbs at merchant ships) I deduced that a malevolent aura in the tomb was causing other undead to rise and attack us. We walked until we hit a much larger room which had actual coffins as opposed to the hallway with doors we had just passed through. One of the tombs said Leon something on it but I had never heard of any Leon and there was no loot inside so prying it open was a huge waste of time.

We walked down a set of stairs heading deeper and deeper into the mauselum. The air was rank with black magic and fresh decayed body smell. It was incredibly unpleasant but after the sewers I was able to cope. When we walked down the stairs we saw a huge room with numerous coffins but the one at the other end was open. Loopy displaying classic gnome behavior ran to the coffin and was Instantly dragged in. Partyon and I did not have much time to help because one she was grabbed disgusting hands started grabbing at us! Luckily I used my wind magic and flew over the hands but a few of them kept grabbing my nice cloak! It was appalling. O and the mummy that rose from the tomb was also pretty not fantastic.

When it seemed like all hope was lost Gene ran into the room flanked by two dogs? He later told us that they came from his magic cloak but I think he ran into them outside the tomb. Either way the dogs distracted the mummy and the hands while Partyon Gene and I semi competently killed the mummy. Once this was done I learned how hard it is to use scorching ray to burn a magic ring. Who knew magical fire was so difficult to direct?

Thankfully we managed to burn the ring and once done watched the banshee’s soul depart this realm for the next one. She was a bitch. We then gathered up Loopy and left the tomb. Carver was thrilled to see us and thanked us for our sort of help. I told him he should call on us in the future and that I would donate a portion of my earnings to raising those workers. I hate incompetency and mine cost the lives of 3 people. I don’t plan on letting others die in the future.

Speaking of dieing Loopy is turning into a mummy since her frail gnome constitution can’t fight off undead germs. My friends and I are running with her now to the stables in hopes of finding someone who can heal her. I don’t want to fight another mummy anytime soon so I pray we find a person to turn our little kleptomaniac mummy back into a regular gnome.



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