In The Days of King Lionheart

When your best just isn't good enough

Who knew a Banshee wouldn't light on fire

After hearing three not so rousing cheers from fellow taskers our little group turned to the far more important aspect of making money to pay guild fees. Elzor listed a few jobs but eventually we decided to take the job that paid the most money and made our way to the grain district. I wasn’t paying much attention but I’m pretty sure Elzor told us we would have to cleanse an evil spirit out of a grain silo. Sounded easy enough. It was not.

After a decent walk we arrived in the grain district. Unfortunately the silo we were supposed to cleanse was locked tight and the foreman (henry I think his name was) did not have the key. Loopy and I decided to take matters into our own hands as we broke into the office searching for the key. While in the office Partyon and Gene solved a riddle which let Loopy crack open the safe. This was fantastic threefold. One we found a key to the door. Two we (read loopy) found a lot of money and three the letter led Partyon to believe we were dealing with an undead called a Banshee. Sadly for all of us he did not tell us about it’s weaknesses but who knows what’s important to dragonborn.

Once we had the key we cracked the silo open but our problems instantly began anew. The inside of the silo consisted of a rounded room with platforms every ten feet on opposite walls. I am dexterous elf/man but I had no plans on leaping from platform to platform. After a few falls from the rest of the party (certainly not me), we split into two groups. Loopy and Gene scaled the outside of the silo using a ladder and rope and Partyon and I stayed inside and attempted to get to the top. Why? I have no idea.

Suddenly from above we heard Gene yelling that he had “detected an evil undead”. Who knew Paladins functioned like that? Seconds later I watched as Loopy dropped down onto platform 50 feet above my head. Then I saw nothing merely heard an incredibly loud scream followed by 2 thuds. One thud was Loopy collapsing on the platform. The second much louder thud was Partyon falling 50 feet to the bottom of the silo. It has not been a good week for ol’ blue.

This is where knowing that Banshees didn’t mind getting hit by fire would have come in handy. I threw my hands at it, muttered my spell and was in shock as two of the three rays that shot from my fingers were twice the size as normal. Maybe under pressure I perform better? Regardless the Banshee shrugged off the damage and it’s very hard to tell when a dead body is effected by something. Gene managed to smack it once before he too went down and it was up to me. Again I shot the Banshee with fire and again huge beams of flame shot from my hand and again the Banshee was not nearly as crispy as I would have liked. The Banshee looked at me and screamed one last time. I was effected by it’s ugliness and screams and I fell into unconsciousness. Sometimes one’s best just is not enough I suppose
Continued in Part 2 “Raen, Professional undead hunter”



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