Breton is the center of the bread basket. It grew from the need to properly distribute the vast amounts of grain that the surrounding area produced. It soon grew to be one of the largest cities in the land when the influx of money attracted people of all sorts.

Population: ~150,000

The Royal Highway: Main road east, geared for the large convoys that transport goods in and out of the city.

​The Grain District: Grain silos, elevators, farmers, and traders congregate here. Its basically a giant fire hazard.

​The Bazzar: A one stop shop for the finest and most exotic things. The open store fronts and connecting awnings give the appearance of one large mall.

​The Heights: Homes of the rich and privileged. Magic keeps the ever present grain dust from dirtying the well maintained gardens and streets .

​The Slums: Homes for everyone else. Quality of the homes diminishes with distance from the heights.

​The Marketfront: The place for practical shopping. Its proximity to the poorest part of town makes pickpockets a problem.

​Administration: If it helps to keep Breton running smoothly, it’s here. Courts, stockades, and the magistrates office in addition to law firms and the treasury.

​The Tourist District: Chock full of inns, taverns, and restaurants. If you’re new to Breton or don’t plan on staying too long, you will probably find a bed here.


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