The Monarch

The monarch is the ceremonial leader of the land. There have been 10 kings and queens since the first monarch on the first day of the new calendar, Year 1.

The monarch was the solution to the growing tensions between the budding empires of man, and the pre-existing kingdoms of the elves and dwarves. It was a position that could be filled by any race and while recent monarchs have been human, both elves and dwarves have held the position.

The power of the position used to be large and far reaching, but as civilization swept across the land and infrastructure grew within cities the power has waned. The monarch is still in charge in the distribution of excess grain production, the minting of new coin, and the proclaiming of holidays.

Everyone knows the first King was Tirel, the elf diplomat who brokered the peace between the races. Other Kings that the common person are likely to know are Uriel and his descendants.

King Uriel: Ruled 599-684 (85 years)
King Guilliman: Ruled 684-694 (10 years)
King Lionheart: Ruled 694- (11 years)

The Monarch

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