Welcome to Obsidian Portal page for our D&D campaign.

It is the year 705 in The King’s Land, and things are looking pretty okay. But that’s not to say there isn’t a job or two available to adventure seekers.

Your character arrives in the city of Breton penniless and without work. As a last ditch effort to earn a meal you sign up to join the Taskers Guild, an organization dedicated to completing jobs both odd and dirty.

That’s about all the story for now, but there is still plenty of cool stuff to do on this website, such as browsing the wiki and character pages to learn a little bit more about the who, what, and where of this cool new land, looking at the constantly updating map, or even adding a character page for your own character or a wiki page for some facet of the world that you have expertise on.

Have fun

In The Days of King Lionheart

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