Dosrog was a feared commander from his clan of mountain dwarves. The clan was mostly fighters, but there were some clerics and Rangers as well. Dosrog Always made fun of the clerics and Rangers for relying on the use of magic to take care of their foes.

One day dosrogs battalion was out searching for a lost member of the clan when they were ambushed by goblins. Dosrog was stabbed in the shoulder, but was able to free himself from a couple goblins. He hid behind a boulder to try and wait out the rest of the attack. Unfortunately for him, he bled out. As his eyelids sunk he could still hear the screams of his battalion being dragged away by the goblins.

The next thing dosrog knew he was back with his clan…it must have all been a dream…a cleric walked into the room and told him what happened. How lucky he was that the goblins were satisfied with the rest of his battalion and didnt chase after him. He told him that he was dead when he was found by the Rangers. He was lucky it was only his shoulder that was struck because there wouldn’t be any lasting damage from that, just a nice scar.

Dosrog was in shock when he heard all this news. That a pack of goblins took down his battalion…that he was dead. He felt that he owed something to the clerics and gods that brought him back. He declared right there that he would dedicate the rest of his life to becoming a cleric and striking down his foes.

Because he was dead for some time, he felt an affinity for death, making that his cleric domain. The other clerics didn’t like that decision because death is known as an unholy domain so dosrog was exiled right there. Because of his years of service for the clan he was given whatever provisions he needed before he was told he had to leave.



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